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Roaving in Xanadu

outer rim passages

November 20th, 2015

The Future of Life @ 10:47 pm

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Was in the mood for browsing some old websites. Felt like looking at ninjapirate but it's been taken down, no! People may just call it a ripoff of Maddox, but being so obvious and deliberate just makes (or made) it all the more funny. I mean, back in the early 2000s I liked both websites. Often times when I think of a related funny article I can't remember from which it came from. Well at least Maddox's site is still active. Regarding 忍者πειρατής(ninjapirate), I think it was on said site that there was this one really funny segment about a thug amoeba. Since I can't seem to find any evidence of it on google, it was presumably from our universe's second best webpage.

So this got me thinking about livejournal (still misspelled according to itself as one composes a post) and how I probably should log in on occasion so it doesn't get deleted, including my original account, zevsenesca, which by the way has the hipster distinction of having a Doctor Who icon from before the series reemerged. It's a paradoxical nostalgia to think back on how the show was quite obscure to many fellow US citizens.

Right now I'm reading The Future of Life by Wilson and it's awesome. An important point made in chapter two is how Environmentalism should be thought of as a central and universal part of life rather than some narrow interest of a few. I don't get how people can still ignore the issue of sustaining our existence. I can't stand how the status quo, Mother Culture (Daniel Quinn) if you will, seems to instill the idea that humans are the only species that matter. As the interesting character Eastman expresses in The Walking Dead, all life is precious. Shouldn't this sentiment not be rare? As I and others have expressed before, though modern technology is exponentially advanced compared to a few centuries ago, socially the mass of people are still not much more "civilized" than ancestors from thousands of years ago. Not only are brutal atrocities being committed everyday to this day, far too many "average" people as well seem to just carry on in their own narrow lives without a thought to how their actions affect others.

By the way, if anyone thinks my words are the product of being high, you should know I've never done any drugs and never drink alcohol. Life is too ephemeral to squander it needlessly destroying brain cells. One of my core philosophical beliefs is that having fun should never involve harming oneself or others; consuming toxins for recreation is surely harmful. Back to the topic of ecological issues, I encourage anyone reading this to become more enriched in the subject. The evidence makes it obvious that taking action to limit one's negative impact on the biosphere as well as making efforts to improve its health should be a fundamental part of all. Hopefully, at least one person out there will read my post and check out that book and other works on the topic and take up stewardship of our planet.

One more point I wanted to mention is how I'm looking forward to Star Wars Episode VII. I still remember writing an entry ten years ago about the need to complete the saga with a final trilogy. It's crazy how the possibility of such a realization seemed so infinitesimally slim back then. Now hopefully it will be better than the prequels.

がんばって(ganbatte - do your best)!

May 20th, 2011

Fed up with society @ 05:36 pm

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For some time now, the degree of anxiety and resentment I feel can be overwhelming. It is quite difficult to find posts on forums, etc. that help me to reflect on the roots of my melancholy. Therefore, I decided I should try and express some of my dejection here. Something must be deeply wrong when I feel physical numbness in my face upon the smallest amount of stress(nothing abnormal in MRIs); constantly feeling like a failure doesn't help. For one thing, it feels quite alienating when I try to find opinions of others that correspond to my disposition that competition is NEVER good. I wonder if Alfie Kohn ever feels isolated since the mentality that there is "healthy" competition is so prevalent.

Although it is true that one should do their best to not let losing get one down, it remains there is inevitably going to be some sort of gnawing notion of self-doubt rendered into the psyche. It is for this reason that even the most seemingly innocuous form of contest can still leave negative imprints on individuals that could warp true healthy development. Sure, you can deny it all you want that losing doesn't bother you, and of course losing certain things indeed probably would not do so, but if a person truly cares about something there is a good chance that disappointment will manifest itself somehow in the future. It really bothers me that at the youngest age children are taught to win at others' expense. I would go so far to say that this is some sort of indirect, non-personal, societal mass abuse that affects many kids. Maybe this in part leads to the serious issues that burden and cause anguish in so many people.

But wait, there's more!Collapse )

August 11th, 2010

Failed interviews @ 01:26 am

Current Mood: depressed depressed

Back in June, on my birthday, I had a job interview. I thought that it went well, but now I'm doubting it. The interviewer said that they'd get back to me later in the summer; as the season progresses, my hope diminishes. Therefore, it really hurts that I'll remember my birthday turning 27 as one marked by another failed interview. This birthday nightmare wouldn't be as bad if it weren't for the fact that I have been unsuccessfully searching for teaching jobs for the last four years.

July 8th, 2010

Politics @ 07:42 pm

Why is it that on the internet, people take what you say out of proportion and assume you mean something that you don't? Everything doesn't have to be so either/or in regards to what your ideas are on an issue.

January 4th, 2010

First post of new decade @ 05:30 am

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It would be nice if more people used the correct abbreviation "e.g." rather than "e.x." I've had teachers make that mistake; my 9th grade math teacher was one in particular. "Exempli gratia" is what it stands for if you were wondering.

July 14th, 2009

Oblivion @ 10:59 am

Current Location: Media, PA
Current Mood: awake

Recently I started playing Elder Scrolls IV (I know it came out a while ago). I have to admit it is quite fun. Albeit training your character can be tedious, the sense of adventure is great. I prefer the way this game is to MMOs since you don't have to deal with annoying snobs calling you a "noob" (I refuse to spell it with "leet" figures). Nevertheless, online interaction aside, it does bring me back to the days when I played Asheron's Call in my dad's office with my brother back in high school. Anyway, I am an Argonian-which is a reptilian group that doesn't seem to drown (I know, usually water=instant death in video games).

I need to explore and investigate more parks and historic sites. I also need to finally actually go camping in my life. Hopefully I will find time for these and they would be enjoyable.

May 18th, 2009

Fancy hearing cake @ 06:34 pm

Current Mood: satisfied satisfied

I was reading Plutarch the other day and noticed a story about Solon that I had heard at some point before. It's about how a Lydian king wanted to impress the Greek law-giver with his wealth. Solon was not taken and in fact lectured him about how happiness cannot be measured in a person until that individual is dead. I find that quite a fascinating point of view on life. Plus I admire Solon for being unfazed. It is very irksome how a great deal of Americans need to boast. Anyway, I can't exactly remember when I last heard that story but it was rewarding to recognize it.

April 15th, 2009

Old pc game @ 05:40 pm

I've been researching a game I used to play on Windows 3.1 but could not find any answers. From what I recall it was point-and-click (I think) style with a purple and black general pattern to the scenes. It was a spooky game where you tried to find clues to some sort of mystery maybe. It was set in a house with a Victorian feel to it. The closest game that may have in fact inspired it was something called Mystery House. I know it was not this game because the screen-shots of that game look more primitive than the game I'm trying to remember. The Colonel's Bequest is another game that seems somewhat like it from my findings except that the game I remember seemed to have more paranormal elements than Colonel. Some details I can think of from the game in question include a scene outside near a shack or something with a creepy farmer/maintenance guy (holding a pitchfork?). There was a dining room and some kind of bedroom that had either a ghost of a woman or dead woman or something laying on a bed.

Hopefully this description helps. I've already searched archives of related communities but haven't found anything yet: I'm going to try and post in them.

November 14th, 2008

Component @ 09:49 pm

Current Mood: satisfied satisfied
Current Music: Inspector Gadget theme

Good to be back. My internet hadn't been working for awhile. My family recently got a new computer, and, after doing setup, the information superhighway has returned to my house! Work has been pretty much the same; still no full-time job (sigh).

Let me give my congratulations to the Phillies! I had been waiting my entire life for such an event. It's all the more awesome since there had been so much heartache in Philadelphia sports for the last quarter century.

For Halloween I dressed as the Wireless Wizard from Teen Girl Squad! If anyone ever wants to see photos from it I'll post. I has hoping to go somewhere but couldn't think of anywhere so I just hung out at my house and then with Abbey.

At some point I'd like to get studio monitors to assist with my music making. I've been wanting to just sit down and grind out a work of music but my "space" (not room) is always being subject to entropy from people in my house putting stuff all around the instruments and such. In other technological news my house got a component cord for the ps2 so it will have better picture and not have to be switched with the rca cords of other electronics . . . exciting. Until next time.

July 26th, 2008

Bolt Level 4 @ 11:34 am

I've been playing Shining Force lately. If you don't know what that is it is a really fun role-playing game for Sega. In addition to revisiting the original I also finally got to beat Shining Force CD. You see, for my birthday when I was 12 I got Shining Force CD for the Sega CD, it was so awesome! The problem, however, was that you needed a backup cartridge to do any significant saving of files. For some reason, we didn't get that backup cart and my dad returned the game. It's funny because maybe later that year or the next year we finally did get a backup cart. Unfortunately, ever since then, Shining Force CD has been impossible to find for a reasonable price. It was not until last year, that I found a very cheap copy with no case or anything that I was finally able to play it again. Of course I don't always have time for video games anymore. But some time last month I started getting into it again and it was exciting beating both stories.

In other thoughts, I wish people would have more respect for Philadelphia, PA. I think it is the most interesting city to visit in America. I'm so sick of people criticizing our nation's birthplace for having rude people . . . there are droves of rude Americans everywhere in this country! Plus I don't think a city has to be the biggest to be the best. This city has a certain feeling of life you don't get in the more obvious American cities. The problem is that too many Americans lack a sense of history and they completely ignore the great aspects of Philadelphia.

Roaving in Xanadu

outer rim passages